India surpasses 13 million cases

Throughout the duration of the Pandemic, global media attention has been focussed primarily on the risks posed by Covid in the United States, China and Brazil. The first for the number of cases, the second because of the origin of the virus and the third for ongoing failed policies at all levels of government. India, however, is now garnering more attention as it hits a record daily increase and surpasses 13 million confirmed cases. Last week, on Friday April 2, 2021, the country reported 131,968 new cases, the highest single day rise since the beginning of the pandemic. India has recorded one million new cases in just 11 days. Also on Friday, the country recorded 780 deaths from Covid.

Simultaneously, India is suffering from a vaccine shortfall. States such as Maharashtra, Odisha and Punjab have complained of vaccine shortages and several districts in Maharashtra have had to suspend vaccination drives, the state’s health minister said Thursday.

According to a senior administrative official in Mumbai, more than 70 centers in the city have said they do not have vaccines available. The central government has said it is doing everything it can to help the states, the health minister said in a statement earlier this week.