Austria locks down unvaccinated

Worldwide, the state and response to Covid continue to vary widely. As some regions begin to feel some degree of respite, others are thrust back into making challenging decisions. This is especially the case when governments have to decide on their response to the unvaccinated. In the case of Austria, today the Government has announced a lock down against those who have not received the Covid vaccine. All Austrians aged 12 and over have been confined to their homes for all but essential activities.

Under new rules announced by the government on Sunday, adults and minors 12 and older who have not been vaccinated or recovered from a coronavirus infection cannot go outside except to buy groceries, seek medical care or travel to school or work. They are the toughest of a new wave of restrictions across Europe, as governments try to contain near-record numbers of cases.

“Our task as the federal government is to protect the people of Austria. We are fulfilling this responsibility,” Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg told a news conference on Sunday.