In addition to its broad range of services, RSI offers ancillary, targeted services and tools. Some of these services and tools offer a fixed pricing structure, others require a quote. RSI continues to develop new targeted services and tools and encourages site visitors to check both this page and the news feed for announcements of new offerings.

Specialized Services and Tools

Risk and Crisis Communication Master Class and Boot Camp: a timed challenge

Risk and Crisis Communication Master Class and Boot Camp

You have worked in risk communication for years. You understand that risk communication saves lives and livelihoods. Maybe you oversaw a public health emergency campaign, or your company traversed a turbulent labor dispute that required messsaging with both information and empathy, maybe as mayor you dealt with a mass casualty event or pandemic response. Risk communication is ubiquitous. Governments, civil society, and business, need it. Sometimes you have time to prepare, other times you do not, and every time you are expected to get it right. So, what can we teach you that you do not already know? How can we take you to the next level?

RSI's risk-sensitive approach to engagement and consultation platforms

Engagement & Consultation Platform

An Engagement or Community Platform is an effective means to: deliver information, encourage dialogue to better understand that information, provide a feedback channel for constituents to ask questions or provide feedback, to foster a sense of community among constituents, and to provide value added tools services that can be mutually beneficial. In short, a good engagement and community platform has to be as flexible as you need it to be. It has to be sufficiently customizable to satisfy the needs of a federal agency with strict privacy concerns, meet the requirements of a company attempting to improve its environmental outreach, all the way to a grassroots community platform designed to engage youth, and everything in between.

Climate Change Hazards Information Portal cover

Climate Change Hazards Information Portal (CCHIP)

CCHIP is a web-based tool that uses data from 40 of the most recent Global Climate Models (GCMs) and many other sources, to provide defensible, actionable conclusions about changes across a whole array of climate and severe weather-related conditions.

Screen grab of RSI's Epicure software


Risk Sciences International (RSI) is excited to announce the release of Epicure 2.0 for Windows, the first official release of the window-based version of the premiere software for risk regression and person-year tabulation. The following sections provide an overview of the history and functionality of Epicure and highlight some of the new features.

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Risk and Return on Investment Tool (RROIT)

RSI, the Credit Valley Conservation Authority, and additional partners have developed a Risk and Return on Investment Tool (RROIT), a multi flood hazard, turn key tool to help municipalities, property owners and conservation authorities make evidence-based cost-effective decisions to reduce flood and erosion risks under existing and future climate scenarios.

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WHO/FAO Food Safety Risk Analysis Tools

RSI was contracted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations over the course of several years to develop a suite of tools to serve the needs of food regulators and the food industry globally. These tools are publicly accessible online at

RSI creates risk and crisis ready television studios

Managed In-house Video Studio

Years ago, setting up an in-house video studio was a very costly proposition requiring a high degree of technical mastery. Today, a video studio can be set up for very little investment, in-house staff are often able to operate the camera(s) and do minor edits, and the space required is minimal. A managed in-house video studio consists of a decorated or green screen studio, usually in the 10 to 40 square meter range (100 to 400 square feet), with one or two cameras, three to five LED lights, one or two microphones, probably a modest teleprompter, and a properly equipped computer. For those who wish to have a more complete installation, the investment is not more than a factor of 2 or 3 extra.

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International Messaging

All communicators and marketers worry about the meaning of words, phrases, and images used across borders. They rarely mean the same thing. This is especially true and critical in the case of risk communication. One cannot risk a misunderstanding or, worse, an offensive meaning or tone. Message internationalization involves the ability to adapt risk messaging across cultural, educational, and language divides.

When crisis hits, RSI can help with external relations

Proxy External Relations

Organizations can become overwhelmed. Suddenly, there is a need for a strong internal relations effort. Often, companies and institutions do not have the requisite staff, either in quantity or training, to face the toughest crises. Or, a larger organization may be caught short handed due to illness or vacancy. Either way, Risk Sciences International is able to provide a temporary scaling up of external relations staff that is specifically trained for delicate and critical circumstances.