RSI launches Global Risk Census

Risk Sciences International has launched The Global Risk Census. The goal of the Census is to provide insights into important risks that need to be confronted now and in the future. These insights will be of great value to decision-makers, policy-makers and indeed to all stakeholders affected by a myriad of local, regional or global threats.

Cemil Alyanak, Daniel Krewski, Greg Paoli, and the entire RSI team have been hard at work for over a year preparing for this launch. According to Dr. Krewski, “There has never been a more opportune time for risk scientists to contribute to the mitigation of the growing list of risks that we face on a daily basis.”

RSI considers this initially self-funded effort to be a critical public interest project. Cemil Alyanak, who planted the seed to this project says: “Large national and international datasets are crucial to determining future risks. So too is the input of millions of individuals who observe and face conditions of risk daily. If we can successfully tap into what they see, experience and feel, we will have unlocked a treasure chest of useable data that, when properly analyzed, can potentially identify risks on the horizon long before they occur.”

Currently, the Census, while open to the entire world, is only available in English. The French translation will be posted shortly with others to follow.

It’s free, it’s a public service, and it helps us Anticipate Risks Together!

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The Global Risk Census:

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