RSI Expert-Rosanna Wong

Rosanna Wong

Junior Risk Analyst


Joined RSI in 2021

Personal introduction

I completed my B.Sc. in Environmental Science with co-op and a specialization in Ecology at the University of Waterloo. During my co-op, I undertook various positions that provided me with valuable and unforgettable experiences.

In my first role, I worked as an Aquaculture Research Associate at HZ University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. My primary responsibilities included conducting nutrient uptake and water suitability experiments on two types of seaweed, Ulva lactuca and Caulerpa lentillifera, to evaluate the feasibility of expanding seaweed farming in Zeeland. During my time there, I had the opportunity to engage in various fieldwork activities - one memorable experience was helping with experimental plots and ecological sampling in the sea during low tide to improve oyster farming quality.

In my second position, I served as a Botany Collections Assistant at the Canadian Museum of Nature's Natural Heritage Campus, where my tasks included processing, record-keeping, and georeferencing backlog specimens from the Arctic for museum integration and research purposes.

In my last co-op, I worked with Risk Sciences International as a Junior Analyst, conducting comprehensive research and literature reviews on topics spanning food terrorism and adulteration, foodborne illnesses, and the COVID-19 epidemic. Additionally, I participated in data collection and processing. This role seamlessly extended into my final year of undergrad and has continued post-graduation up to the present moment.

Current Focus at RSI

Rosanna is leading the software development of an innovative climate resilience tool that encompasses both qualitative and quantitative features. Her responsibilities extend to researching topics such as food safety, natural and transport disasters, and adaptation and resilience strategies against climate change. Additionally, she contributes to quality assurance by assisting with software testing.

Rosanna assisting in the field, within the Southwestern Delta of The Netherlands.


Rosanna enjoys building and customizing computer keyboards, a thrilling tv series/movie, a good book, occasionally playing video games, bird watching (from her birdhouse), cooking, baking, and traveling.