Paul  Stanish

Paul Stanish

Risk Analyst

PhD, BSc

Joined RSI in 2021

  • Enabling data and mathematical literacy in organizations

  • Optimizing policy using data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

  • Measuring organizational performance

  • Causal inference

  • Machine learning operations (MLOps)

Personal introduction

I graduated from Carleton University with a B.Sc. in chemistry in 2013 and the University of Waterloo with a Ph.D. in chemistry and nanotechnology in 2020. My doctoral thesis was on the movement of energy (effectively excited electrons) through semiconducting oxides. During that time, I developed a passion for computer applications, using Python and MATLAB extensively to simulate the movement of energy in thin films. I have also worked in analytical chemistry at Environment Canada and Natural Resources Canada.

Since my Ph.D., I have created and released multiple Android applications to help investors manage risk when trading options and derivatives, calculate the uncertainty on measured quantities, and alert cyclists to the presence of cars using computer vision.

Paul Stanish: Current Focus

Paul Stanish joined Risk Sciences International in 2021 as a Risk Analyst. Paul’s current focus is on using emerging tools to modernize clients' understanding of risk and streamlining and rationalization of their data culture.

Paul Stanish: Extra-Curicular

Paul loves making a good cup of coffee and espresso and trying his hand at latte art (still a work in progress). He enjoys being active; biking, running and climbing, and recently took up Muay Thai. Paul enjoys card games and got into statistics and risk through poker, trying to understand optimal strategies by reading The Mathematics of Poker by Bill Chen. Finally, Paul is an avid learner, often reading books and listening to podcasts on technology, current events, economics, law, and history.

Paul giving a lecture on how the light we see affects our lives.

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