RSI Expert-Martin Leblanc

Martin LeBlanc

Business Development Officer

Joined RSI in 2019

  • Excels in assembling project teams and navigating complex procurement processes

  • Well-versed in Government of Canada procurement vehicles

  • Experienced in international projects and procurement

Personal introduction

I started in the work force as an electrical/mechanical technician putting together robotic assembly lines and automated systems. Once a system was ready to run, it was amazing to see the work that could be done with just a few motors, control systems and mechanical assemblies. Just as fascinating was to see how quickly things can go wrong, indeed the devil is in the details. These first experiences demystified the magic of modern machinery and really piqued my interest in the field. This led to a position with a large national print shop, originally engage to support the installation of two robotic lines. My scope quickly broadened to take on various production and health and safety improvement projects in the development of software tools (automate print layout formatting, various machine to system communication interfaces, and automation system simulations), machine design and implementation ( robotic manipulation components, automated conveyer systems with multiple inputs, automated multi-step production lines, and ad-hoc conveying solution to bridge the gap of a new installation) and several hazard identification and ergonomic assessments (design, build and implement safer access devices, access platforms, and work surfaces). Overall, I enjoyed getting multiple elements together to make a project happen.

Changing gears somewhat, I was introduced into sales through the staffing and recruiting industry. I was quick to jump into this line of work, having worked along side the technical and engineering positions I would be sourcing for. I staffed positions across Canada and internationally for anything that was technical in and nature and senior executive positions. Certainly, a change of pace to all the machine noise I had been accustom to, I started bringing in my own clients and began getting involved in government procurement. I then took a position with a consulting firm that specialized in nuclear safety. The focus in this role resembles that of which I have today: assessing opportunities, responding to them as appropriate, and assembling project teams. I was involved in several multi-year proposal submissions and wins for national and international government organizations.

Martin LeBlanc: Current Focus

Mr. Martin LeBlanc is responsible for growing RSI’s book of business, supporting all activities to this end. His line is always open to assist clients old and new. He strives to understand and provide a client’s unique need on a project, having done so for many government and private clients across the health, nuclear, power generation, aerospace, manufacturing, transportation and national defence sectors. As needed, he will seek out and qualify partnering firms, independent contracts and additional staff, handling agreement review and development along with contract negotiation. Mr. LeBlanc casts a broad net in identifying new opportunities and conducts the initial competitive tender feasibility assessment. He brings proposals of varying complexity from cradle to contract developing the initial project outline according to proposal strategy constraints.

Many clients require the use of their formal procurement processes to contract vendor services. Martin is well versed in vendor procurement, formal bidding processes and the intricacies that accompany. He regularly responds to Government of Canada (GoC), Canada wide provincial, crown corporation and private organization procurement requests with a compliant submission. He has a broad knowledge of the limits and constraints of the more common GoC procurement vehicles, one-off organization specific standing offers, supply arrangements while staying current with their ever-changing policies. Mr. LeBlanc regularly pursues international projects and is a quick study when engaging in a new procurement process.

Works and Accomplishments

Developed or supported contracts with:

  • Canadian Federal Departments (i.e. Department of National Defence, Health Canada, Public Health agency of Canada, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Public Service and Procurement Canada)
  • Provincial and Federal Crown Corporations
  • International Organizations (i.e. United Nation Organizations, other private organizations)