Back to Fitness 2021

An RSI Corporate or Staff-initiated Social Responsibility Initiative

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Back to Fitness 2021

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The Back to Fitness 2021 celebrations took place on 12 Sep 2021 at 14:00 at TD Place in Ottawa and on 19 Sep 2021 at 14:00 at the University of Ottawa.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a long list of tragedies, ills and consequences. One such consequence was the lockdowns and the consequent reduced opportunity and motivation to exercise, whether at home, outdoors or in the often-closed gyms. As Canada moved past its 18-month marker, two RSI staff came up with the idea of two Back to Fitness events to promote a return to fitness practices.

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Thank you Ottawa

You joined us twice!

Sunday 12 and 19 September 2021

Zumba on the Field / Back to Fitness Celebration

at TD Place and University Square (uOttawa)

Over two hundred and fifty peopled joined in with Ottawa's top Zumba instructors ZIN™ Shane Scatliffe, ZIN™ Carr Evans and ZIN™ Martha Rengifo, RSI's own ZIN™ Daniel Krewski, and others, to celebrate a renewed commitment to health and fitness.

In the interests of promoting public health and fitness, RSI CEO and uOttawa Professor Daniel Krewski and colleagues organized two Zumba Master Classes at the University of Ottawa and TD Place in September, 2021 that together attracted over 250 participants.  This video includes highlights of the two 2021 Back to Fitness events.

Back to Fitness 2021 poster
Poster of the Back to Fitness event at TD Place in Ottawa
Poster for the Back to Fitness event at the University of Ottawa

The best corporate social responsibility projects are those where a need intersects a passion. RSI's staff is generally conscious of the importance of fitness with Todd Ruthman being an avid cyclist, Cemil Alyanak the martial arts, and Michael G. Tyshenko an accomplished triathlete. Our CEO and Chief Risk Scientist is also a fitness aficionado, in his case his joy comes from Zumba. In fact, Daniel Krewski is an accomplished, certified Zumba instructor and CanFitPro Fitness Instructor Specialist, which is how our Back to Fitness campaign was born.